Unger Glass

Custom Order Policy

Interested in a custom order of glass? Iā€™m happy to discussing the details of what you would want!

Please read over my policies on how I go about handling custom requested work. This information will always be provided for the client before any work is begun. If you have any questions regarding my process or anything else please email me at:



Lead Time

I generally require a 2-4 week lead time from the the point of beginning the commissioned work to shipping the work to you. That time frame may be a bit longer or shorter depending on the size and complexity of the commission. However, if I estimate the commission will take longer than the standard 2-4 weeks to complete, I will inform you before beginning work. Please keep this lead time in mind when making time-sensitive requests.

Work Approval Process

I strive to iron out all the details of a commission prior to accepting payment and beginning work on it. Once started, I will keep the you updated on the progress and maintain a dialogue on how you desire the piece of work to move forward at various stages of working on a commission, . If a project has moved passed a point where a requested change or alteration can be accommodated and changes are insisted upon, an alteration fee will be billed for the added time and materials required to accommodate the changes.

Payment and Deposit

Paypal, Stripe, or Square are my preferred payment methods. If the client lives locally, I will also accept cash or check payment in person. I normally require half the total cost to the client to be paid up front as a deposit and is non-refundable. This deposit helps to cover the time and materials required to prep and start a commissioned project. The deposit will only be collected after discussing and agreeing on the details of the commissioned work and before any actual work on the commission is started. The remaining balance of the total bill will be due upon completion of the project and prior to shipment.


Unless otherwise arranged, I will ship via FedEx Ground. The cost of shipping will be estimated prior to beginning any work on custom designs and will be provided with the quote. Expedited shipping services may be requested at an additional cost to the client.